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Geheimnis (previously kPGPShell)

A PGP shell for KDE


Important News

Geheimnis is no longer developed. I am now recommending that users use kpgp instead, which is being actively developed.

This software is OSI Certified Open Source Software.
OSI Certified is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.

Download the KDE 3 CVS tarball here (dated 2002-Nov-03).


Geheimnis is compatible with PGP 6.5, PGP 5.0, PGP 2.6, and GnuPG 1.0x.

Geheimnis is available for KDE 1, KDE 2.2x, and KDE 3.x.

If you wish to download RPMs, you can find some on rpmfind.net, or from sourceforge's download site.

Building (optional)

If you want to build Geheimnis from the source code, you will need one of the three following sets:

  1. KDE 1.x libraries and headers, and QT 1.4x libraries and headers,
  2. KDE 2.x libraries and headers, and QT 2.x libraries and headers,
  3. KDE 3.x libraries and headers, and QT 3.x libraries and headers,

To compile the KDE-based versions, type:
make -f Makefile.dist (only if CVS version)
make install


To install the KDE versions built from source code, type make install. To install the KDE versions from the binaries (rpm, deb, etc.), use your computer's package installer (RedCarpet, rpm -i geheimnis.rpm, dpkg -i geheimnis.deb, etc.)

Use it! Tell me!

If it doesn't work, please join the mailing list, Anyone can subscribe.

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